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Home Spa Consultant Brings The Day Spa Home To You!
by Anonymous

Fort Lauderdale, Florida February 1 2004-- A Fort Lauderdale resident has created a service to help busy women relax, relieve stress and ease tension. Beauty & Spa Essentials, Inc. is a website that provides home spa accessories that teach you how to bring the day spa home.

"She really knows her stuff," said Christine Owen who uses Beauty & Spa Essentials accessories. "We have made our focus wellness, the elimination of stress by relaxation techniques and the special art of pampering. We discerned the great desire that women, especially, have to be pampered and to find quiet time for herself alone," said the creator of Beauty & Spa Essentials, Pamela A. Johnson, a Home Spa Consultant and Member of the International Stress Management Association, and Complementary Wellness Professional Association.

The site features a variety of home spa accessories and information that teach relaxation techniques, the importance of stress relief and wellness. "This is s-o-o-o relaxing," said Amber Owen. Amber, a court reporter, regularly commutes from Tamarac to Miami each week and welcomed the relaxing foot soak and soothing eye pads. The accessories come with tools that educate and enlighten. "Home Spa is necessary. It has become more than a want these days. Stress builds up in our lives, manifesting itself in varied ways. It is linked to heart disease, skin disorders and mental disorders. It weakens the immune system, leading to illness, burnout and fatigue. So it goes without saying that healthy, balanced living begins with giving the right kind of attention to your mind and body", Johnson said.

Many of the services provided at spas can be purchased on the website for use at home. From bodywraps, aromatherapy candles, spa wear, and relaxing CDs to manicure and pedicure essentials, a spa experience can be recreated in the home for a fraction of the cost of a spa visit. "So many women feel depleted because they don't take the time to receive, because they are always giving to others. This is especially true if you have small children at home. However, the busiest of women can and should find at least 5 10 minutes each day for personal pampering", the website's creator said.

Ramona Van Ness of Nottingham, Maryland decided to try the home bodywrap kit. "I really enjoyed the body wrapping system. My results were very good. I could definitely see toning right away." Inch loss and toning are guaranteed with the bodywraps, and the bodywraps available on the site are considerably less expensive than what you would pay at a spa.

Connie Walker said, after purchasing the home spa accessories, "I really needed this". "I wanted to feature accessories on my website that when used by women, would make them feel special and pampered. I'm excited about what we offer and it feels good to know I'm filling a need", said Johnson.

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